Pet Memorial

As animal lovers we have all experienced the anguish of losing a much loved pet and the emptiness they leave in our lives once they are gone.  I am frequently approached by customers seeking a portrait of their special companion after it has passed away and it is an honour to be able to help bring back a little of the essence of that unique animal in my artwork.

Sometimes, however, the only photographs owners have of their dog, horse or cat are out of focus and dim and it is therefore almost impossible to do the portrait the justice it deserves.  No one wants to think about losing a pet but it is so important to take high quality photos of them while they are alive.  A detailed portrait makes a timeless gift for yourself or a friend when the inevitable happens, a ‘freeze frame’ of an unforgettable character.


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  • Sue Winslade 23rd June 2017   Reply →

    Hi Jane,
    We lost our Mollie Dog (a lurcher ) on 14/6/17 after a really tough year, my husband having died on 23rd March this year and she was our glue. I would love to give my son Ollie a portrait of her as a Birthday present ,Your pictures look amazing so I’m hoping you can help me out.!!!!

    • admin 17th July 2017   Reply →

      Hi Sue,

      Gosh I am so sorry, I have only just seen your message! I am so used to receiving orders by email, I do apologise! It may be that I am now too late for your son’s birthday but if you would still like to place an order please contact me as soon as you can and email me a photo of Ollie. My email address is I hope to still hear from you but of course will totally understand if you have chosen another artist.

      With all good wishes,

      Jane Miller Robinson

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